PentaCore Laboratory


Our Laboratory at the Semmelweis University

PentaCore Laboratory is located at the Internal Medicine Clinic of Semmelweis University. 1083 Budapest Korányi Sándor str. 2/a – basemenet on the right.

Metro No. 3 at the Klinikák station, or from Nagyvárad tér.

Parking is free on street Korányi Sándor and at the Museum of Natural History.


Our Genetic Counselling Department

1094. Budapest, Bokréta str. 7.

Tram 4-6 at the stop Mester str.

Weekdays from 7:40 to 15:30.
(1 06) 696-12-96 or (06 80) 69-69-69 which is our toll-free number.
Fax: (06 1) 696-12-98
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are open from Monday to Thursday between 8:00 and 15:00; and between 8:00 and 13:00 on Friday.