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Dear Colleague!

Információ orvosoknak Our laboratory undertakes more than 200 clinical-chemistry, hepatologic molecular biology and genetic tests on a short notice either in unique cases or on a contractual basis.

  • In case your practice is looking for a professional laboratory background, please feel free to contact us! Laboratóriumi vizsgálatok széles skálájával állunk egészségügyi szolgáltatók, magánrendelések rendelkezésére.
  • As the only accredited laboratory for PCA3 test, we are at the service of urologists and urologic practices. We are ready to provide sample taking tools, sample transportation and delivery of customized results in an electronic format.
  • We can serve as laboratory background for clinical trials or researchers.

The Pentacore Laboratory is supplying diagnostic services of the Central laboratory of Semmelweis University and of the Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory of the 1st Department of Internal Medicine. The Central Laboratory is one of the biggest clinical-chemistry laboratories in the country with 5000 laboratory test carried out every day. This huge sample size makes possible the fast, accurate and validated determination of the individual samples. The Pentacore Laboratory is partner to several CRO companies, who perform clinical trials. We have the required accreditations to take part in these studies. We can present these accreditations upon request.

Információ orvosoknak There is a possibility to take the samples in our laboratory.
With regards to the required tube-types and numbers, please contact us for counsel.
We ask you to send the samples in barcoded GreinerBioOne tubes. We provide the necessary amount and type of tubes upon request for free.
The time for the completion of our tests varies on the test type The results will be delivered via e-mail or by the post office. We need you to attach a sample escort paper- this can be downloaded from our web site. Payment methods include cash or credit card after each test, or a monthly bank transaction for regular customer.

Please feel free to contact us! Contact information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; telephone: +36-1-696-1296.