Genetics - General information

Vizsgálatkérés Pentacore Laboratory provides a unique set of genetic tests from identifying known mutations to whole genome sequencing. Currently, over 3000 genetic tests are available practically covering every medical condition with a genetic background. Since 2012, PentaCore has been also focusing on next-generation sequencing which means genetic differences can be determined in state-of-the-are quality.

Quality control is performed by QualiCont In Vitro Diagnostics, besides internal controls.

Please see the list of the genetic tests PentaCore provides here; and here is the flowchart of how such a genetic test is performed at our lab from the patient's perspective.

Each test can be performed during pregnancy. The turnaround time is extremely short as not only the results but also the interpretation are available in up to one week after sampling, depending on the type of test.

Genetic counseling is also available in our lab and our geneticists are ready to answer any of your questions.