How to order

Labor tests without a referral and waiting

VizsgálatkérésWe do not require a doctor’s referral to our tests, but we advise you to consult your results with your doctor.

  • It is recommended, but not necessary to book an appointment to our laboratory. However if you do so, we can receive you without any delay.
  • We can accept our customers from Monday to Thursday between 7:30-14:30, and on Friday between 7:30-13:30.
  • You can find information about our routine lab tests and genetic tests and their prices on our web page from the test list.
  • We are able to perform tests if a sample from another healthcare institution is provided. With regards to the required tube-types and numbers of tubes, please contact us for counsel. In most cases the patient can deliver the tubes to our laboratory.
  • We request you to pay the price of the ordered test upon the arrival of the sample.

In most cases the time to complete the tests is one day. However in case of genetic tests we need one week to finish the tests and evaluate the results. For genetic tests we can provide consultation with a human geneticist.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!