Routine lab - General info

Are you looking for a diagnostic laboratory, where

  • You can ask for a genetic test without a referral and reservation?
  • You don't have to wait in lines?
  • You can get your genetic test done with an expert and professional staff?
  • You can choose from a wide range of genetic tests and screening panels?
  • The results, in the majority of cases, are sent to you by e-mail within one business day?

You found it!

PentaCore currently has more than 300 types of lab tests available by using any biological samples.

Laborvizsgálatok In addition to the nearly complete clinical chemistry, hormone and tumor marker testing spectrum, world-class molecular biology assays have been performed in the laboratory in large numbers. These include the qualitative and quantitative determination of hepatitis B and C viruses with the most reliable and fast real-time PCR and RT -PCR; and the determination of various genetic mutations predicting diseases.

Medical referral is recommended prior to the test, but not required.

We are also pleased to provide services for private patients and healthcare providers.